FPL Show: Cover your Liverpool captain with Man City vice

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FPL Show: Cover your Liverpool captain with Man City vice

Thinking of backing a Liverpool or Manchester City player in Fantasy Premier League this week? If you are, the experts say you must split your captaincy and vice-captaincy between the two clubs.

That is because the mid-season player break means Liverpool do not play until 15 February, way after Saturday's 11:30 deadline by which point team news will not be known.

That won't be enough to put many off captaining Mohamed Salah (£12.7m) at Norwich City. But David Munday says that because Man City host West Ham United this weekend, Sergio Aguero (£12.0m) could be a safer pick.

"You want to cover yourself," Munday explains in the latest FPL Show. "If you're captaining a Liverpool player I think you have to have your vice-captain on a Man City one, so that if there is something that puts your Liverpool player out of action you have at least covered yourself.

"I'm confident [Aguero's] going to play. He's top of league for shots in the box, big chances and shots on target in the last four and West Ham's defence is really, really poor – arguably worse than Norwich's right now.

"Even if they were playing on the same weekend [as Liverpool] Aguero's got a great case. However, when you consider you're going to get that press conference for him and not for Liverpool it becomes even stronger."

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